“You are not the galaxy you are meant to break stars on your back and swallow planets whole; there’s no word great enough for what you are”

– you’re more than a galaxy to me (via sexpansion)

“Everything was her. The light, the dark, the day, the night. Her. Her. She was my first thought in the morning, my last thought at night. She’d taken possession of my soul. She was inside of me, consuming me.”

– Holland Jaeger (Keeping You A Secret p125, Julie Anne Peters)


i’m such an asshole but i’m also a very kind-hearted person who likes making ppl happy and if i love u i will love u with all my heart and all my soul but then i’m also such an asshole


“When you’re an introvert like me and you’ve been lonely for a while, and then you find someone who understands you, you become really attached to them. It’s a real release.” 
― Lana Del Rey

“No human is perfect, and that’s fine, that’s okay - that’s the way it should be […] imperfection is beautiful.”

– Dylan O’Brien at the Giffoni Film Festival (via suzvoy)